la vida no vale nada en guanajuato

I'm toiling in the darkroom, employing the usual incantations, adding body English and some eye of newt, to see if I can make something reasonable with all this chemistry.

Whole other side of the noggin here.

This was the first one out of the soup. 


This week: preparation for and attendance at Amy's second IEP meeting of the year (it was yesterday, went okay), Amy's Drama Club play tonight, Dads of Disabled Kids meeting tonight, Friday morning Amy and I hang with Tiger Woods at a local tournament (she's representing a local charity), Friday afternoon Amy gets some kind of school award at assembly, later that same day we attend a schoolmate's birthday party.  Looks like Thursday will be the day for grocery shopping, my PSA test, and, oh, maybe breathing.


Through all this I'm trying to keep my instrument tuned, know what I mean?  Feels like the Eve of Distraction.  I'm grateful for the fantasy that is The Future.

Back to the darkroom.


  today's music:

"Palm Springs Jump" -- Keely Smith -- SWING SWING SWING


today's wisdom:

"After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music."

- Aldous Huxley